A collection of articles & resources that have shaped me as a designer over the years. Hopefully they can help you too. This is not just a compilation of the latest links and trends which are everywhere. But articles and resources that were the most transformative for my career and business, based on key areas of design.

The focus of this resource is to help increase your value as a designer, and to serve as a resource that you can keep referring back to. I hope you get value out of my design resource stash and that it serves you well in 2024. 15+ years in the design industry and I'm still trying to learn and improve in various ways. Keep learning and growing, this industry stops for no one.

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Table of Contents

  1. Design Thinking
  2. Design Fundamentals
  3. Business & Marketing
  4. Typography
  5. Visual Design
  6. Prototyping & Animation
  7. Mockups & Assets
  8. Design Patterns & Design Systems
  9. Videos
  10. Design for Good
  11. Blogs & Portals